We need a tax plan that is fair and simple, gives the middle-class tax relief, and keeps American jobs in the U.S.


Wage growth has flattened over the past four decades. This cannot continue. This tax cut will ensure American workers keep more of their hard-earned money. The question for Congress is simple: Do you believe American workers deserve a raise?


The business tax rate is the highest in the developed world–we are dead last. The rate is 16.4 percentage points higher than the worldwide average. By slashing America’s business tax rate, once again America will be the most desirable country for business formation and growth. America will be the great jobs magnet of the world.

It is time to end the rigged economy that has only benefitted wealthy and powerful special interests. Let's restore fairness by streamlining the tax code and closing special interest tax deductions and loopholes, putting money back in the pockets of Forgotten Americans.

President Trump’s vision for tax reform will help working families keep more of their paychecks and put an end to the rigged economy that for too long has only benefitted powerful special interests. By updating and simplifying the tax code, we are putting middle-class families first, increasing wages, and lowering taxes. It is time for Congress to put forth a plan that jump-starts the American economy and revitalizes our cities. Senator Stabenow must join Republicans in providing the relief Michigan workers so desperately need.

Join us in the fight for tax reform!